Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City: Did you see it?

Martinis, Manolos and mayhem. This was the scene at the Angelika Theater in Dallas last night. You would have thought it was fashion week (or the Dallas equivalent - Fashion at the Park). I went to the 6:00 PM show and as I approached the theater it looked like a zoo - both inside and outside the theater (local news trucks were even there). Let me tell you, these women were DECKED OUT! Cosmos were in hand (you can drink at this theater), LV's were in tote, and the ladies were traveling in packs. I definitely could understand why so many groups of girlfriends were there: they were all waiting in anticipation for the pinnacle fashionista movie of the year. And what is the verdict? Fabulous!

I can honestly say I have never laughed and cried so much in one movie. And I mean I had to keep the "ugly cry" at bay which was hard (I'll leave that one until I buy the DVD and watch it in the comfort of my own home). Some of the tears came from intense laughter, while others came from heart-wrenching moments in the script. Part of the emotion also came from knowing that, at some point, the movie would be over and Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha would be the girlfriends we used to know...again.

Overall the movie did not disappoint. My only criticisms: 1)the product placements were pretty blatant at times and 2) the actor who played Smith seemed to be lacking some of his acting skills (and I used to love Smith!). 

Tell me about your experience. Did you get decked out and go with your friends in true diva style? What did you think about the movie? Let me know!


cheryl said...

I saw SATC yesterday and was not disappointed!! It was wonderful from beginning to end. I was able to view it for $5.05 including a small bag of popcorn. Now, that's a deal!! It was a discount neighborhood theater and it was the matinee.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! My sister and I made a event out of it here in New York. We got tickets for the Lincoln Center Movie theater, made reservations at Tao, and rocked our fiercest outfits.

Anonymous said...

Saw SATC a couple of weeks ago with several friends. We enjoyed appetizers and a couple of Cosmos before. Our theater was dry which called for creative measures…sneaking wine into the theater. Movie was great!

Kieya said...

First of all, you can drink in your theatre?! Thats amazing!

Second, saw the movie - LOVED it!

I think the part that made me cry & then smile & then laugh all within 15 mins was when they went w/Carrie on her honey moon. Man, that movie was good. I went w/my gals in DC & we all got dressed up. It was awesome.

TwentyTwo said...

Great review. I felt the same way. I can't wait to get the DVD so I can sit alone and feel all of the emotions in that movie. The writers did right by the fans! I honored them in style, hot pink sun dress, hot shoes, and a cosmo!