Friday, June 30, 2006

4th of July Weekend - Want to Look Your Best but Not Invest?

So we're approaching the weekend before Independence Day and there is a lot of fun to be had - parties, events and BBQs galore! So what will YOU be wearing? It is definitely not too late to buy something new without breaking the bank. Forever 21 is a great place for buying the cutest trends of the moment without breaking the bank. Now don't expect the clothes to last past one or two wears, but for trends that won't make it to next season, it may be worth it!

Check out these cute finds: This Sunshine Spaghetti Dress is only $22.80!

Be playful (and a little daring) in this strapless, striped jumpsuit for just $17.80:

Now I know some of you "label-conscious" divas would rather go for more quality, and I completely understand. featured these items, but they may be more difficult to find in the stores (and we're working on a very short timeline). Check out Nordstrom Rack and you may get lucky:

This cute brown and white tank is under 25 bucks, and when you match it with these white shorts for under 20 bucks,

you have a cute outfit for under $50 that may even last you more than a couple wears!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jewelry at Old Navy - WHO KNEW?

I have to give a shout out to my girl Nekia who revealed to me that the fabulous turquoise necklace that I thought she must have bought from a SOHO boutique actually came from Old Navy! I went to their website and low and behold, they have a new jewelry section! Not only did they have the necklace in turquoise, but they also have it in red.

Another necklace I found was this cute four-strand turquoise necklace.

And what about this bohemian wooden bangle? For just $5.50 you can just tell people you got it from a street fair in Argentina!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Buying Cashmere in June? IT'S WORTH IT!

I know - for most of you, buying cashmere sweaters while it's steamy outside sounds pretty far fetched, right? Well, if you are a true bargain shopper, you find the bargains whenever they arise which, in this case, is now! Niemen Marcus is having a fabulous cashmere sale. Many of their cashmere items are insanely discounted. For instance, this orange ribbed sweater was $220 and is now on sale for $55. It looks like other bargain hunters have found this steal already - the site only has the sweater in blood orange in medium and in flannel gray in large. Not to fret, though - there are several other options that are discounted just as much!

7/19/06 update: is having their cashmere sale going on right now - up to 55% off! Thanks Kelley!

Stay Out of the Store - Urban Outfitters Online is Where The Sales Are!

Why is it that every time I got into an Urban Outfitters store I can never find any clothing items for under $70? Apparently it is because all of the good deals are at Urban Outfitters Online! Look at these great deals: This Set of 2 Triangle Bangle Set - just $11.99!

You can even wear them with this ever so cute Lux Mixed Print Blousey Tank that is on sale for a mere $14.99

If that's not enough, check out these Peep Toe Cork Wedges for only $39.99. So cute!

For Designer Divas - Online Sample Sale Last Day!

Today, June 26, 2006 is the last day for YOOX.COM's online sample sale! A few designers they have are Stella McCartney, Cavalli, Diana v, Prada, and D&G. This site is definitely for the Designer Divas (not the frugal ones) - though prices are not full price, they are not necessarily cheap. But if you want to find a $380 Cavalli bag for $240, this is the place!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lingerie for all Shapes and Sizes!

Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale is happening now! Bras are $14.99 and up and panties are $3.99 and up. By going online you don't have to search through those messy bins at the retail stores (or fight the person next to you over that last medium black lace thong)!

And, since Oprah already called me out about not shopping in Vickie's for bras anymore since they don't have my size :), I have another option for my fellow divas who have hard to find sizes - They're also having their Summer Sale which also includes swimwear, so check it out!

Online Beauty and Gift Deals!

If you have been to the mall lately and you're a product fiend like me, you have probably noticed the semi-annual sales at The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works. I was able to find a 6 oz Fig Pure Simplicity Hydrating Body Balm for $7.50 (usually $15) at a Bath & Body Works store in Illinois. The scent is slightly floral with a hint of powder, but it makes the skin feel so good, I swear I find myself rubbing my arms randomly throughout the day.

Body Shop Best Deals: I used to swear by their Sesame Body Butter. This 6.9 oz container is usually $16.50, but now it is on sale for $9! Banana and Honey body butters are also on sale for $12. Their 2 oz Passion Fruit Mini Body Scrub is also on sale for a mere $1. Their best selling 3.38 oz Hemp Hand Protector is on sale for only $5 this week (down from $14). With deals like this, you're bound to spend some money. There's free shipping for orders over $60, but for those onsey-twosey purchases, you may be better off going into your local Body Shop retail store.

Bath and Body Works Best Deals: I didn't see this in the actual store, but I noticed online they have the Purifying Pumpkin Face Mask that was featured a couple years ago on Oprah's Favorite Things for half off (only 9 bucks for an 8 oz jar)! This is one of my favorites. They have tons of hand creams for just $5.

Stay Away: Stay away from the Breathe Hydrating Body Cream. It's not on sale right now, but I bought it a couple months ago and the stuff beaded up on my skin. What's up with that??? I had to take it back, so Divas - beware!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot Spot of the Week - The Mexican Shop in Evanston, IL

So yesterday my friend Leah helped me discover this new spot almost right around the corner from my house. Chicagoland folks, this is worth the drive. So here's the info:

The Mexican Shop
801 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60201-4303 (847) 475-8665
The Scoop: I am not even sure why it is called "The Little Mexican Shop." I didn't notice anything that was very Mexican in nature, but maybe I missed something. This is one of the cutest, inexpensive shops I have seen. It has a hodge-podge of jewelry, bags, clothing, and even some home goods. The feel is very global, somewhat bohemian, and even a little retro. I didn't see anything in there over $100 (though I didn't look at every single price tag). This is one of those places that you can find some unique pieces that will inevitably attract compliments.

Loved It! The jewelry, the jewelry, the jewelry! Wooden pieces, stones (coral, turquoise, amber, onyx), sterling silver, etc. Many of the pieces come from all over the world and CHEAP! Most of the pieces were under 30 (and many under $20). As a matter of fact, I saw some purses there that I also saw earlier this year during my trip to Vietnam. They also have some great silk purses and card holders. And do you need some funky sunglasses or even reading glasses? You can get them at TMS for $10-21!

Hated It! Because this is a boutique, there aren't a lot of duplicate pieces. That is great because you won't see a lot of people wearing your outfit out, but when you are a small and there is only one dress in a large (or vice versa), it is quite frustrating. Also, a couple of the dresses and shirts (luckily not too many) looked like they were more fit for a vintage thrift store.

Semi-Formal and Formal Dresses

Over the past year I have attended quite a few balls and semi-formals. As a frugal shopper I refuse to spend $300-500 on a dress that I may only wear once or twice. There are a couple places that I usually have good luck with. One, is Nordstrom Rack. The stores usually have a better selection than on the sale section of For instance, I bought a burnt orange colored Laundry gown. The original price was $340, but my price was $79.99!

Another place that I have been pretty successful with is Filene's Basement. I have bought three dresses for semi-formals all under $50. One is the black and white dress featured in the picture above (I'm to the left). It was a strapless black and white striped satin halter. Though you can't see in the picture, the hemline a-line and hit me right below the knee. You can't purchase items from their website, but you can get a list of locations at

I'm Back!

OK, I know it has been so very long that the Diva has spoken. This blog is as stale as the potato chips in my kitchen. So sorry it has taken me this long, but I promise this summer will be filled with great deals ESPECIALLY from my trips to NY, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, DC and of course my current hometown of Chicago. Feel free to post your finds or email me suggestions of good bargain spots at!