Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get Expert Eyes from Smashbox!

As many of you know, Smashbox has some great make-up - especially if you're going for the "smokey eye look". Now, from Sephora, you can get this Smashbox Master Class Expert Eyes set (that would separately sell for $174, by the way) for just $59!

The set includes (as shown) three eyeshadow trios, two eyeliner duos, That's a Wrap mascara in black, some great brushes, and an instructional DVD led by Smashbox makeup artist, Patrick Tumey, for exclusive tips & tricks! What a great set (or gift)!

Even better? Their products are animal cruelty-free!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Bunch of Blowout Bargains at Bliss

Many people swear by the many bath and body products that Bliss has to offer. If you are one of those people, I have some good news for you! They are having a big blowout sale with some items as much as 80% off! Here are a couple of my favorites:

Bliss 'Spaahh'-kling Body Butter on sale for just $6.40!

Now why it was $32 for a 7 oz. tube in the first place is beyond me! Granted, I don't really wear the sparklies anymore, but it's a great deal if you do.

Best of Bliss Set for 50% off at $22.50!
This set has all of their best selling products: 2 oz bottles of lemon+sage soapy sap and vanilla+bergamot bubbling bath+shower gel, 1.7 oz tubes of lemon+sage body scrub, vanilla+bergamot body butter and high intensity hand cream, and a mini herban jungle exfoliating soap. Great for gifts and great for travel (they all meet the 3.4 oz standard!).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shiny Things

There are so many cute items this season in silk, satin, and patent leather. Here are a couple great deals on shiny things :).

French Connection 'Mystify Me' Satin Shift Mini Dress
This French Connection Satin Mini Dress is so cute! And even better, it's on sale for 60% off at $62.90.

Steven by Steve Madden 'Audryy' Peep Toe Pump
These Steve Madden Audryy peep toe pumps are super cute. At under$50 ($48.90), they are a great deal! They also come in red, ivory, and silver.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick Hits

Does this mean there will be some fabulous furniture sales to look forward to from Bombay Company? Update: It actually looks like they've started already with a 72 hour sale!

Ever wonder how to safely clean your sponges? Save money by nuking them!

Discover Queens, NY Restaurant Week 9/17-20 and 9/24-27

Zara and H and M FINALLY in Atlanta

I lived in Atlanta for over 10 years and used to hope and pray that one day, just one day, I would see a sign for an H&M or Zara to open up in the city (okay, maybe just H&M since I didn't start liking Zara until recently, but you get the point). Well the day has finally come. On August 31, 2007 Zara finally opened its doors at Lenox Mall. And, in Spring 2008 (at least that's what they're saying now), H&M will be opening its doors in the Atlantic Station shopping center.

Never been to these stores before? Well here's the scoop:
H &M

H&M has often been called the IKEA of clothing retailers. I absolutely love H&M but, as I have also found with Zara, not every H&M is the same. It is great for inexpensive, basic items and some trendy items as well. I have also bought some cheap, basic costume jewelry from there.
Some negatives about H&M are that their sizing is not very consistent (a size 6 in one item may be completely different than a size 6 in another item), and the quality level is not necessarily consistent either (I have some earrings that broke on the 2nd wear, but I have a blazer that I am still wearing after 2 years). All that aside, I have found some really fabulous items at H&M and I always love going to the 5th Ave and 51st St location when I'm in NY. Unfortunately you can't purchase any H&M items online, but they do have a cute magazine that you can flip through.
Zara is another one whose quality of clothing is inconsistent. Though I had visited many Zaras around the NY area, I was never really impressed even though some of my friends swore by the store. Then I went to Europe and oh my goodness! I fell in love! What I love about Zara is that they pay attention to all the latest trends and release the items that are most popular. The problem is they have their best merchandise in Europe and a lot of their items never make it over here to the States. Also, they don't really give any love to us petite girls. If you have long legs, however, they have great pants for you! I particularly love Zara for trendy items that really stand out and can last a season or two (but not longer than that). You can't purchase Zara clothing online either, but they do have a Trends section that's kind of cool.
My wish for you ATLien Divas out there is that both Zara and H&M have fabulous selection to make you all happy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cute Sale Items from Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus does not often have deals worthy enough for me to feature. However, these were just too cute to pass up. By the way, Neiman Marcus is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, so they will be featuring some fabulous, yet anti-frugal, exclusive items from top designers.

Wyath Plaid Jacket

Though it is hard to see in this picture, this jacket by Wyath is indeed plaid. Granted, $75 is not necessarily a steal, but at 50% off of its original price as well as its fabulous cut, it is worth checking out!

Strapless Jersey Dress

Okay, this one really is a steal! This Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent strapless jersey dress was originally $195 and is on sale for $68.

New Frontier Pleated Skirt

This New Frontier pleated skirt almost couldn't be a better deal! It's almost $100 off at $32 (it was $129)! Here's the catch: it's only available in a size 6. So, if you are indeed a size 6, you should jump on this one before it's gone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When Did This Happen?

Over the years I have noticed that prices at some retailers formally known for reasonable clothing have increased. Below are some comparisons that really surprised me.

Which do you think costs more?

Express Striped Pencil Skirt

Ann Taylor Loft Pencil Skirt
Answer: Express Striped Pencil Skirt: $69.50, Ann Taylor Loft Pencil Skirt: $69. And you know the quality is not the same!

What about these?

Banana Republic Woven Leather Triangle Tote

Charles David Patent Hobo
Michael Kors Brookville Hobo
Banana Republic Woven Leather Triangle Tote - $398

Charles David Chapman Hobo - $346
Michael Kors Brookville Hobo - $268

I would have thought BR would have been less than both Michael and Charles.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Vera Wang's Collection Launched at Kohl's

It's here! Vera Wang's new collection, "Simply Vera" has officially launched at Kohl's stores everywhere. Vera is great, don't get me wrong, but after seeing her name on everything from flower arrangements to mattresses, I am a little Vera'd out. So considering I was a little skeptical, I went to a Kohl's store near me in Dallas.

The Scoop: I was honestly quite disappointed. The selection was extremely limited, so I can only hope that some of their larger markets have better selection than the store I visited. The good thing is, the widest selection is available on even if it isn't available in the stores. Anyway, there were only about two or three displays featuring her items and I only found a couple pieces that I liked in my size. I will say, there were many more size 10-14 items than size 2-8 items, so I had some difficulty. All in all it is worth checking out for yourself. Here are some of my favorites from the website.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Ruffle Blouse - $58

This purple ruffle blouse is by far my favorite item in the collection. Of course it was nowhere to be found in the store I went to.

Purple Plaid Tank Dress - $88

I tried this one on. I really liked it on the rack but not so much on me. It was a little too long for my height (I usually wear a petite) and the zipper kept catching on the fabric around it.

Framed Clutch - $59

Even though I think this clutch purse is very cute, I have payed the same or less than this for clutches just as cute and more authentic than "faux patent leather." Yet and still, Vera's name carries weight. We'll see if it carries enough weight for fashionistas to run to Kohl's!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Travel Deals Right to Your Desktop

Do you ever get frustrated with remembering when to go to an airline's website in time to take advantage of deals on flights? Well, some airlines are making it easier for you by allowing you to get deals straight to your desktop!

The Scoop:
you need to download a "widget" to your desktop that will give you an indication of when a deal is available. Here are two to check out:

Southwest's Ding Deals:

With Southwest's Dings you can get updates about special offers to up to 10 designated cities. Basically, you hear a "ding" and see a little icon on your toolbar that indicates when new deals are available.

American Airlines DealFinder:

American's DealFinder is very similar to Southwest. Not only does it allow you to receive information straight to your desktop but it also allows you to also receive info by RSS feed or "DealFinder Ticker."

Both services are free. I am sure more airlines will be jumping on this!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Say it Ain't So: Valentino is Retiring

On my list of things to do before I die is to purchase a Valentino gown (though I would be okay with just "borrowing" one and wearing it somewhere :)). Well, I just read an article that said that Valentino just announced he is retiring. It sounds like he will do one more Ready to Wear show and one more Couture show. Sniffle, sniffle :(
Hmmm...I wonder if this means that Valentino stores will be liquidating their merchandise...This may not be so bad after all! I will keep you posted. The WWD article can be found here.

Update: Looks like no big sales coming along. Valentino will be run by someone else. Here's an article talking about the possible future of Valentino.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hot Dress Alert: Georgette Ruffle Dress

I just can't get enough of Isaac Mizrahi for Target. And when I saw my friend Tandy this weekend, I was flabergasted when I found out the dress she was rocking (that everyone was swooning after by the way) was indeed another Isaac find. Here is Tandy rocking the Georgette Ruffle Dress that is now on sale at for just $27.99. Just FABULESS!