Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Must Have Accessory: Glasses?

Glasses have been all over the runways lately. And, according to this Wall Street Journal Article, they're not only for those of us who need to wear them, but people who have perfectly clear vision are also wearing stylish specs. I know you're probably saying, "But I thought men don't make passes to girls who wear glasses?" I know, I heard the same hogwash too, but it looks like that statement may be a thing of the past.

Designer frames can be relatively inexpensive and completely change a look. It's amazing how a pair of frames can make someone look smarter, more modern or (dare I say) fashionable. Even American Apparel has come out with their own line of non-prescription frames! Here are a couple different looks for under $100:

Vegas frames: 39DollarGlasses.com - $39
Vue Eyeglasses: American Apparel - $50

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Keesha Boyd- MA, MEd. said...

Loved this post by the way! As you know, I have been walking around visually impaired for the past year. Just purchased my new specs a week ago and I love them even more now that the Diva on a Dollar has dubbed them a must have accessory! Yay me!