Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vacationing in Europe!

Hi divas! I am currently traveling in Europe, so sorry for the delayed posts. I arrived in Paris yesterday and flew to London today just for the weekend. Though the exchange rates for the Euro and £ are both really bad right now, I was able to find some great buys in Paris yesterday that I will tell you more about soon!
London shopping has been so disappointing because of the pricing and exchange rate, but I hope to get some more good deals when I return to Paris tomorrow. If any of you have suggestions on great bargain shopping places in either London or Paris, please post a comment or send me an email!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

For My Petite Divas - Not Quite a Bargain Though

I must give you a disclaimer: I am committing a cardinal sin by posting something that is NOT a bargain, but I still wanted to include it as an ode to my fellow petite divas. Over the weekend I was at Bloomingdale's in the premium denim section and found something that brought tears to my eyes - premium denim for petites!!!

Paige Premium Denim "Laurel Canyon" Petite Jeans

The first pair I found were actually made by Paige Premium Denim. I had never heard of Paige, but when I saw it say "Petite," I almost lost my mind! Unfortunately I couldn't find my size, so I couldn't try them on to see how they fit, but conceptually they have my stamp of approval. And you know what else? They make maternity premium jeans too!

Joe's Jeans - The Provocateur

After I couldn't find the right size in the Paige jeans, I noticed Joe's Jeans also had a petite cut. As soon as I tried them on, I fell in love! They come in a variety of washes including Maude, Thompson , Jackson, Harvey and black (I bought Thompson). It was so nice not to have to get my jeans hemmed!