Monday, May 19, 2008

Diva on a Dollar Undercover: 9 West Handbag

My, my, my....what have I just uncovered? A while back I bought these Chinese Laundry pumps in a beautiful dark turquoise color from a local DSW. So of course I had to find outfits and accessories to match! I found this Nine West multicolor exotic fold-over clutch that was perfect. The bluish color looked very close to the color of the shoes, so I had to have it! However, the bag was only available for pre-order to be shipped July 17th. The site said, "It's been sold out twice already and we're bringing it back later in the season (July) for a third time! Get as many as you can before we sell out again!" July??? Arrggh! But to my surprise I went to and saw the same bag available immediately! Free one day delivery no less! Of course I bought it on the spot.

What I learned from this situation:
1) Always, ALWAYS shop around. You may be able to not only find better prices, but also items not available other places.
2) Just because a retailer says they are sold out of something doesn't mean you can't find it elsewhere. Who knows if Nine West tried to create demand for it by saying it wasn't available until July or if Endless just bought some a while back and still had the inventory. Either way it goes, refer back to #1.


Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

I love this bag! I went to to purchase it and it wasnt available til May (this was back in march). So I found it @ and got it! I was soooo excited!

Danz said...

It is a very lovely bag. The colours go so beautifully together! Hope you can check out my blog sometime. Let me know if you'd want to exchange links :)