Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Deals – Day 4

Gifts for Foodies!

For Day 4 of Diva on a Dollar's 12 Days of Christmas Deals, we're going to focus on the foodie in your life.  You know, the guy or gal who knows the latest trends in food, can't get enough of Top Chef, and has the inside scoop on every fabulous restaurant in town. You can't skimp on quality with foodies, but you can make them think you also didn't skimp on the price!

These are some of the tastiest mustards around. At the Napa Valley Harvest site you can find delicious flavors including apricot ginger, champaign shallot, and my absolute favorite honey truffle. My friend Bethany told me about the honey truffle mustard when she found a jar at Marshall's. She ranted and raved about how she would put it on just about anything edible. I found a jar as well and had the same experience - I used it on sandwiches, chicken, and even as a sauce for scallops. Yum!

ReServe Gas Chargers - $9.99 for a set of 3

What are these, you ask? No, not gas powered phone chargers. And no, not miniature gas refills for your grill. They are actually a wine preservation system that uses Argon gas to retain the flavor of wine once it has been opened (for over a week!). Great for wine enthusiasts!

Is the foodie you know addicted to Top Chef? Why not get him or her the Top Chef cookbook? This cookbook includes 100 recipes, including dishes from the Quick-Fire Challenges and Elimination Rounds. 

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