Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Deals – Day 3

Half Price Gift Cards!

It's the 3rd day of Diva on a Dollar's 12 Days of Christmas Deals. Today we are featuring 1/2 price gift cards/certificates! That's right, HALF PRICE! I do want to give a disclaimer, though:  due to the tough economic times, many of our favorite retailers and restaurants are going out of business, so keep that in mind when you purchase any gift cards. You don't want you or someone you bought a gift for to be stuck with a gift card to a retailer that no longer exists! Also, make sure you take a look at the expiration date prior to making your purchase.

So here's the scoop:
Why are these available for half the price of their face value? Does it matter? In case you just HAVE to know, there are several deals that these companies cut with retailers. Some companies even offer the half-priced gift cards to radio stations, news papers, and TV stations in exchange for advertising. It's a win-win for everyone: the retailers get advertising that they don't have to shell out cash for, the media companies have something to entice their audience with, and shoppers like us get great deals! 

Who could this be good for? Someone who you would like to make it appear as though you spent more money than you did on their gift :)! Depending on your friends and family members' likes and dislikes, you may be able to find a gift card to their favorite restaurant or retailer! 

Here are some links to check out for some regions:


By the way, I was so excited to see some of my favorite restaurants listed including Alhambra Palace, Blu 47, Marche, and Zocolo.

(Hector's on Henderson is one of my favorite Dallas restaurants - this is a great way to check it out!)

KHOU-TV in Houston has a couple half price gift cards listed, though they had expired when I went there. Keep checking back for their updated deals. 

New York:

A list of some half-priced gift cards in Richmond, VA


Want to see if your region has half-price deals? Check out Half Off Deals' site.

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