Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Deals – Day 12

Those who wait, save!

It's the last day of Diva on a Dollar's 12 Days of Christmas Deals! Yes, it is Christmas Eve and the last shopping day before Christmas. Are you being hard on yourself for procrastinating until the last minute to finish your holiday shopping? Well, don't fret - you're in luck (and probably in better luck than those who shopped early)! Many retailers have seen significant declines in sales this year compared to last year and are continuing to slash prices. 

I just took a look at some stores closest to me and here are some of their hours of operation (make sure you check your local stores' hours as they may be different):
Macy's - 6pm
Nordstrom - 5pm
Nordstrom Rack - 6pm
Kohl's - 6pm
Marshall's - 6pm
Sears - 6pm
Best Buy - 5pm
Target - 10pm
Costco - 5pm

Now go shop!

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