Monday, September 10, 2007

Vera Wang's Collection Launched at Kohl's

It's here! Vera Wang's new collection, "Simply Vera" has officially launched at Kohl's stores everywhere. Vera is great, don't get me wrong, but after seeing her name on everything from flower arrangements to mattresses, I am a little Vera'd out. So considering I was a little skeptical, I went to a Kohl's store near me in Dallas.

The Scoop: I was honestly quite disappointed. The selection was extremely limited, so I can only hope that some of their larger markets have better selection than the store I visited. The good thing is, the widest selection is available on even if it isn't available in the stores. Anyway, there were only about two or three displays featuring her items and I only found a couple pieces that I liked in my size. I will say, there were many more size 10-14 items than size 2-8 items, so I had some difficulty. All in all it is worth checking out for yourself. Here are some of my favorites from the website.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Ruffle Blouse - $58

This purple ruffle blouse is by far my favorite item in the collection. Of course it was nowhere to be found in the store I went to.

Purple Plaid Tank Dress - $88

I tried this one on. I really liked it on the rack but not so much on me. It was a little too long for my height (I usually wear a petite) and the zipper kept catching on the fabric around it.

Framed Clutch - $59

Even though I think this clutch purse is very cute, I have payed the same or less than this for clutches just as cute and more authentic than "faux patent leather." Yet and still, Vera's name carries weight. We'll see if it carries enough weight for fashionistas to run to Kohl's!


Anonymous said...

In todays sales paper they are advertising Vera Wang's collection at Khol's. The featured the purple ruffled blouse but that doesn't mean it is at the store. I work in Plano and live in Lewisville, there is a Khol's on my way home in Carrollton. I'm going to stop and see what the display looks like. Can I just say I'm am soooo happy your in Dallas!

Anonymous said...

Recently I bought a Whitmor Rolling Clothes Closet from Kohl's store on & saved $10..!!