Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Travel Deals Right to Your Desktop

Do you ever get frustrated with remembering when to go to an airline's website in time to take advantage of deals on flights? Well, some airlines are making it easier for you by allowing you to get deals straight to your desktop!

The Scoop:
you need to download a "widget" to your desktop that will give you an indication of when a deal is available. Here are two to check out:

Southwest's Ding Deals:

With Southwest's Dings you can get updates about special offers to up to 10 designated cities. Basically, you hear a "ding" and see a little icon on your toolbar that indicates when new deals are available.

American Airlines DealFinder:

American's DealFinder is very similar to Southwest. Not only does it allow you to receive information straight to your desktop but it also allows you to also receive info by RSS feed or "DealFinder Ticker."

Both services are free. I am sure more airlines will be jumping on this!

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