Thursday, August 23, 2007

White On!

Now that summertime is coming close to its end (sniffle, sniffle), retailers everywhere are slashing prices of their summer items - ESPECIALLY anything that comes in the color white.

Tip: From now until right after Labor Day you should purchase white shoes, accessories and clothing.

You may be thinking that this is only to stock up for next year's Easter through Labor Day season. However, regardless of your compliance on that supposed "rule," white shirts are great all year round. Also, white is the dominant color in many of this fall season's lines. Here are a few deals:

Classic Flip Flops - $2 - 3.50 from Old Navy

Yes, you read that correctly - you can actually purchase these flip-flops for $2. The catch: you just need to purchase two or more (but if you buy just one, they're still only $3.50). But with 13 colors available, that shouldn't be too hard especially for a staple item like this.

Solid Ribbed T-Shirt - $9.99 from Old Navy

This shirt is a total staple item. As featured, you can easily layer this with any color. They even have tall and petite sizes available!

Bead Chocker - $4.80 from Forever 21

I think this necklace is too cute! For under 5 bucks, this is a fun accessory to add any time of year!

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Material Girl said...

YAY Whites Sale...the sad part is you can't wear them again until next May...or do you follow that rule anymore? I am headed to the dept stores this weekend (lord & taylor an obvious stop)as it seems all the whites are already gone online...cannot WAIT to shop for fall!!