Friday, August 10, 2007

Vera Wang Dresses for Under $200

In checking out today I noticed quite a few Vera Wang dresses for under $200! The catch: very limited sizing. You may get lucky though. For you plus sized divas, they have quite a few sized 16-20 dresses available. Check 'em out:

Mint Sateen Strapless Gown - $149 (was $290)

Find it here.

Bisque Sateen Chiffon - $169.99 (was $320)

Find it here.

Dune Textured Sateen Dress - $119.99 (was $220)

Who said you couldn't have a Vera Wang bridesmaid dress for under $200??? Find th
is one here.

Black Moire Black Cocktail Dress - $199.99 ($395)

OK, this one is just barely under 200, but it was worth posting nonetheless. Find it here.

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Anonymous said...

Please can you tell me if you know of somewhere I can can get a discounted vera wang dress. I know exactly the one I want, its the Calla lily form the Fall 08 range and I cant find it less that 12,000 anywhere! If you had any idea - that would be amazing!