Saturday, July 15, 2006

What To Find at Loehmann's

So many people swear by Loehmann's as THE places for bargain shopping. I beg to differ, BUT I do understand the importance of what you can find there for cheaper than normal prices. Loehmann's is great for unique items - especially designer items that most people have never seen - particularly trendy shirts/tops. If you like specific designers or lines like Tahari, Laundry, Seven, or Donna Ricco, you may be able to find much better prices than usual. I went there last Sunday and, though I didn't find anything to buy, there were some great items that I could have bought if they happened to have them in my size. Hopefully if you check it out, you will be luckier than me.

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CreditGal said...

Oh, that is my home-ground. It is so difficult to buy pretty item sometimes because of large sizes. On the other hand, my friend being a squab visit such stores. I should recommend her this one.