Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nordstrom Rack - Bras and Spanx!

As you may have read in earlier posts, Nordstrom Rack is my favorite bargain shopping store (aside from the Fashion Shack in Greenwood, South Carolina that I haven't been back to in years). Last week I found yet another reason why I love it so much - their lingerie section! Though everyone may not find it as fulfilling as me, my most recent visit made me happy for two reasons: I bought both a pair of Spanx footless hose for about $10 and a Wacoal bra for under $20 (originally $44). This sounds like a typical great deal, right? Let me tell you HOW good it is...

The pair of Spanx I got is usually $24, so I got them for over half off. Ladies, if you are not familiar with Spanx, you need to be (at least if there are some areas of your tummy, hips, or legs that you are not happy with)! Spanx are body shapers. There are several variations including body suits, power panties (glorified girdles), and hosiery. I particularly like Spanx if I have a tight fitting dress and I want to smooth things out, or if I want to cinch in my waistline for an outfit, they really do the trick!

As an "endowed" woman, it is always difficult to find good bras, and when I do, they are more often than not at least $40. I found a bra that is quality, black, low cut, and normally around $45 for just $18. What a deal!


Yo Sonia! said...

Wonderful! Will definitely check out that Nordstrom Rack section next time!

Noreen Khowaja said...

So Target has a Spanx-type brand that is designed by Sara Blakely, the Spanx designer. It is MUCH less expensive, and while it didn't provide the impossible miracle I was praying for, it did a pretty good job. Maybe somebody that has both can comment better