Sunday, July 16, 2006

Target Target!

I must say, Target has really captured the market for cheap chic. Sometimes the quality is questionable, other times, it doesn't matter since it looks so good. So this is what our reader, Nekia had to say:

"I bought these wedges from, and they are friggin GORGEOUS! they look so rich, they are comfortable and they are CHEAP! i was looking all over for some cute affordable ones and i finally found some at tar-jay! don't know if you are in the market, but wanted to let you know about my latest find."

Thanks, Nekia for your new Target (or as you said it, tar-jay) find! If you are a Target fiend, like many of us, check out this Slave to Target blog.


High Fashion Girl said...

I love how up on fashion Target has become. To me, it doesn't matter if the quality isn't the best. It usually lasts for a season, which is as long as a trend lasts. So shelling out $10 for some cute wedges that last about 6 months doesn't bother me at all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention these...the Houston Chronicle has a weekly feature every Wednesday called Street Fashion where they profile everyday people with great style out at a particular social event. If I'm not mistaken, this week, one of the people profiled is wearing these wedges. Check it out at

Just click on the blue line *below* where it says Street Fashion and check it out.