Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dallas Divas - It's FIG Finale Time

As many of my loyal readers know, the Dallas FIG Finale Sale is one of my favorites around. I have written several posts including this one and this bargain brag back in 2007. This week is the first of two of their sales in 2009 (the second one will probably be in August or September). With the economy the way it is I would not be surprised if there are even better deals than normal!

Here are the details:


1807 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75201
VIP SHOPPING January 15th 5pm to 9pm ($50)
General Admission
January 16th 10 am to 9pm ($12)

Since I moved from Dallas and won't be able to make it, I am going to rely on my Dallas Divas to keep me informed and let me know how it is. Feel free to email me pictures and I will feature them on an upcoming post!

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