Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Linens 'n Things: Another One Biting The Dust?

First, Bombay Company. Then, Red Envelope. Now, Linens 'n Things? Say it ain't so! Looks like they are trying hard not to file bankruptcy. Here are the stories the New York Times did last week and this week.

So tell me, if Linens 'n Things folded, would you be upset?


Austin said...

One thing to consider is the potential for gift card bankruptcy. Just like The Sharper Image incident, the retailer almost decided to void ALL gift cards. It's not the case now, but it's a possibility for LNT. Even though it's too early to tell, just be careful. My advice? Spend all your gift cards now, you never know which retailer is next. There's more information on gift card bankruptcy on

Anonymous said...

I'd be. BBB is too clutered.

Becka said...

This came as a real surprise - the stores are always full of shoppers when I've been!