Monday, October 15, 2007

The Bombay Company's Going out of Business!

Sad for them, sales for us! Unfortunately the Bombay Company recently announced its bankruptcy. As a result, the company has decided to close all U.S. locations (Canadian locations will remain open). The U.S. stores will stay open throughout the holiday season but look for the major sales right around the 1st of the year.

I checked out their site to see if there were any major sales yet, to no avail. Make sure to check out their clearance section often, though, as I am sure they will be liquidating a lot of their items very soon.

For more information about The Bombay Company's store closings, check out this article on

Update: has already shut down! You will have to check out the sales at your local stores.


Anonymous said...

The Going Out of Business sales will begin on Wednesday 10/10/07.
The initial discounts will only start at 20% off, although select item groups will be at a higher percent. Don't expect deeper discounts until after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Buyer beware... no refunds, exchanges or returns and the Bombay company is selling damaged merchandise as new in order to get rid of all stock.

We are now stuck with an expensive (even with 20% off) unusable desk, sold to us as brand new and the company won't take it back or replace it.

Also the delivery company will only release merchandise to the customer COD, even if you already paid for shipping at the store.

The whole situation is very dishonest.

Do not pay with cash, put it on your credit card, so at least you might have a chance to dispute the charge if you do get ripped off.

Seriously... be wary!