Thursday, July 05, 2007

Great Sale at the Gap!

I went to the Gap near me in Evanston, IL yesterday and found an amazing sale. I bought three items that were all under $10 each. Go to your local Gap to find some great deals!

Brown Wedges - $8.99 (they're listed as $14.99 online)

Red and Cream Straw Bag - $9.99 (same bag shown in blue and cream online for $19.99)

Short Sleeved Black T-Shirt - $4.99 (I couldn't find a picture of the item online)

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Anonymous said...

hi there! FABULOUS BLOG! i found it today and know I will check back often. Do you have any suggestions for stores I can check out to get long jeans/pants? I usually go to E Street Denim in Highland Park where they have an enormous selection of designer jeans and a really knowledgeable staff but lately they haven't had much with an inseam longer than a 34. Any tips?