Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ann Taylor Loft: 40% Off Already Reduced Prices!

Ann Taylor Loft is a great place for casual and business casual items for the conservative, sophisticated woman. Though at times I think their items are overpriced, they do have some great sales. My mom bought three items for a total of $30 last week. It looks like they have some similar deals online. Check them out:

Anya Braided Gold Thong - $24.99 + 40% Off

I am a little bitter about this...A couple weeks ago I went to New York and after walking around a lot, my feet were hurting so much that I had to find some flats to buy. I was so desperate that I paid full price - $29.00 for these. Just a few days later I found the same pair on sale at a location in Philly for $6.88. They are here for $14.99 - still a deal!

Stamped Flower Halter - $39.99 + 40% Off

I think this halter is too cute! The black and white combination is seen everywhere this summer. This shirt shows the combination in a delicate, sweet way.

Crochet Waist Dress - $79.99 + 40% Off

What a cute dress. I love the detailing of the crochet waist. It is available in regular and petite sizes.


couturess said...

This is my fav. time of year to shop...thanks for sharing all the sales going on...you can get spring and summer merchandise for near whole sale prices and fall clothes for their preview prices (atleast at the dept. stores)...i'm headed to the mall after work today Lord and Taylor has fall preview prices until Aug 5th!!

Anonymous said...

The Limited had a sample sale last week Friday - they were selling merchandise for $2 a piece. I found at the last minute and got to the site too late. How does one find about sample sales like that?