Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tip: Holiday Shopping for Dad in June!

I know it is hard to think about Christmas or Hanukkah in the summer months, but it could save you a lot of $$$! Fathers Day has passed and all of the gifts that were left unsold are now on sale for a fraction of original prices! Why not buy the special men in your life something now and tuck it away in your closet until December? These deals are also great if birthdays for your brother, father, or husband have not passed yet this year! And they're all from Red Envelope.

Excursion Tie Case - Was $60, now $19.99!

Does that man in your life travel often? This is a great way to protect his ties from getting wrinkled while he is on the road!

Excursion Shoe Shine Kit - Was $68-73, now $14.99 - 19.99!

Another great gift for a male traveler. This shoe shine kit comes in black and brown and can be engraved as well (without engraving is $14.99, with engraving is $19.99).

Double-Walled Beer Glasses - Was $78, now $39.99

These beer glasses are insulated to keep cold drinks very cold and prevent hot drinks from burning your hands. They were even featured on The Today Show! They come in a set of six.

English Shaving Set - Was $225, now $59.99!

This shaving kit was crafted in Sheffield, England and includes a razor (uses Gillette® Mach3 blades), brush and stand. Great gift idea!


NeverHector said...

That's actually a great idea I've never considered. I procrastinate way to much to think about buying Christmas gifts in June :-) It's not just on Father's Day presents either. There are some great 4th of July sales going on now. I know Lord and Taylor has one that started yesterday and goes until the 9th! I guess if I got all my shopping done now I'd miss all the crowds in December!!!

Kailei said...

I didn't know about the Lord & Taylor sale - thanks for the tip!