Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going to a Wedding? Dresses for Under $100!

Summer is definitely wedding season. If you are like me, you may have that one dress that is perfect for a summer wedding that you have been able to wear multiple times. The problem is, you can't really wear that dress to weddings of people who know each other - you don't want people to say "didn't she wear that to 's wedding"? Costs accumulate so quickly with flights, gifts, and hotels that you hardly have any cash left for a dress! Don't fear, here are some great dresses all for under $100!

Afternoon Weddings

Daisy Embroidered Spaghetti Strap Dress - $89.99

I absolutely LOVE this dress! With some strappy sandals or peep toe heels, this dress is bound to look fabulous!

Leaflet Tube Dress - $22.80

This strapless dress from Forever 21 really looks cute. The problem is, we can't really see how long the dress is. Since Forever 21 sometimes borderlines on "club gear only," this one may or may not be appropriate for a wedding.

Ruched Leaf Print Dress - $29.99

Run, don't walk to get this dress! Originally $89, this is a STEAL! The cinched waist and bow really bring some detailing to the dress. Great find!

Velvet Torch Corset Dress - $62.00

I think I saved the best for last in this section. I LOVE THIS DRESS (despite it being in the juniors section)! The colors are so fun and the corset waist pulls everything in. Nordstrom knows how to do it right.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are great. They are usually more casual and I love doing a bohemian chic look.

Long Floral Smocked Halter - $21.99

What a great deal from Mossimo at Target. This dress is particularly great for you taller divas.

Gap Bubble Dress - $34.99

I think this dress is so darling. With the right accessories, this will be perfect for a beach wedding. It's at the Gap and even better - it is available in petite and tall sizes.

Evening Weddings

Evening weddings tend to be more formal. I would stay away from a normal "little black dress" but instead would wear another color instead or a black dress with colorful accessories.

Lace Halter Dress - $46.90

What a great deal! This dress is feminine and elegant. The metalic accents really jazz it up. Also available in petites.

Strapless Sheath Dress - $89.99

Isaac Mizerahi really knows how to make Target clothing chic. This dress actually would be a great bridesmaid dress. I think it is so elegant. You could even get another sash in a different color to overlay the dress.

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