Sunday, June 25, 2006

Semi-Formal and Formal Dresses

Over the past year I have attended quite a few balls and semi-formals. As a frugal shopper I refuse to spend $300-500 on a dress that I may only wear once or twice. There are a couple places that I usually have good luck with. One, is Nordstrom Rack. The stores usually have a better selection than on the sale section of For instance, I bought a burnt orange colored Laundry gown. The original price was $340, but my price was $79.99!

Another place that I have been pretty successful with is Filene's Basement. I have bought three dresses for semi-formals all under $50. One is the black and white dress featured in the picture above (I'm to the left). It was a strapless black and white striped satin halter. Though you can't see in the picture, the hemline a-line and hit me right below the knee. You can't purchase items from their website, but you can get a list of locations at

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bee said...

I wish there was a Filene's Basement in CA!