Monday, June 26, 2006

Online Beauty and Gift Deals!

If you have been to the mall lately and you're a product fiend like me, you have probably noticed the semi-annual sales at The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works. I was able to find a 6 oz Fig Pure Simplicity Hydrating Body Balm for $7.50 (usually $15) at a Bath & Body Works store in Illinois. The scent is slightly floral with a hint of powder, but it makes the skin feel so good, I swear I find myself rubbing my arms randomly throughout the day.

Body Shop Best Deals: I used to swear by their Sesame Body Butter. This 6.9 oz container is usually $16.50, but now it is on sale for $9! Banana and Honey body butters are also on sale for $12. Their 2 oz Passion Fruit Mini Body Scrub is also on sale for a mere $1. Their best selling 3.38 oz Hemp Hand Protector is on sale for only $5 this week (down from $14). With deals like this, you're bound to spend some money. There's free shipping for orders over $60, but for those onsey-twosey purchases, you may be better off going into your local Body Shop retail store.

Bath and Body Works Best Deals: I didn't see this in the actual store, but I noticed online they have the Purifying Pumpkin Face Mask that was featured a couple years ago on Oprah's Favorite Things for half off (only 9 bucks for an 8 oz jar)! This is one of my favorites. They have tons of hand creams for just $5.

Stay Away: Stay away from the Breathe Hydrating Body Cream. It's not on sale right now, but I bought it a couple months ago and the stuff beaded up on my skin. What's up with that??? I had to take it back, so Divas - beware!

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bee said...

Eeeek! Wish I knew 'bout the Body Shop sale when I was at the mall yesterday!