Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot Spot of the Week - The Mexican Shop in Evanston, IL

So yesterday my friend Leah helped me discover this new spot almost right around the corner from my house. Chicagoland folks, this is worth the drive. So here's the info:

The Mexican Shop
801 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60201-4303 (847) 475-8665
The Scoop: I am not even sure why it is called "The Little Mexican Shop." I didn't notice anything that was very Mexican in nature, but maybe I missed something. This is one of the cutest, inexpensive shops I have seen. It has a hodge-podge of jewelry, bags, clothing, and even some home goods. The feel is very global, somewhat bohemian, and even a little retro. I didn't see anything in there over $100 (though I didn't look at every single price tag). This is one of those places that you can find some unique pieces that will inevitably attract compliments.

Loved It! The jewelry, the jewelry, the jewelry! Wooden pieces, stones (coral, turquoise, amber, onyx), sterling silver, etc. Many of the pieces come from all over the world and CHEAP! Most of the pieces were under 30 (and many under $20). As a matter of fact, I saw some purses there that I also saw earlier this year during my trip to Vietnam. They also have some great silk purses and card holders. And do you need some funky sunglasses or even reading glasses? You can get them at TMS for $10-21!

Hated It! Because this is a boutique, there aren't a lot of duplicate pieces. That is great because you won't see a lot of people wearing your outfit out, but when you are a small and there is only one dress in a large (or vice versa), it is quite frustrating. Also, a couple of the dresses and shirts (luckily not too many) looked like they were more fit for a vintage thrift store.

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