Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Say it Ain't So: Z Gallerie is Closing 25 Stores

I am so bummed...One of my favorite home decor retailers, Z Gallerie, recently announced the closing of 25 of their stores, including all Ohio locations. Check out the full story here. Let's hope Z Gallerie's fate is better than these companies.

Thanks, Melissa!


Jane said...

I am so disappointed about the Z closings - I braved the ravenous crowds myself to try and wrangle up some stylish left-overs before my closest location locks up!

Anonymous said...

What!?! Are they closing the Soho store? The online one had better stay open!


Anonymous said...

Yes Pittsburgh was also closed! My wife and I almost died, was our connect to SoCal...awwww & arrrrr! Please we need you Z!