Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worth It or Worthless?

I was appalled when I went to the Limited recently to discover a suit blazer for close to $200. Granted, this was their "Travel Suit" that is supposed to be machine washable and wrinkle resistant. However, I have a problem buying anything so expensive from the Limited. Then I realized they're not the only ones who have started charging premium prices. 

Tell me what you think: are these worth it or worthless
Banana Republic: BR Monogram Leather Trench - $1200


madphaedra said...

BR: Worth it. Arden B: HUH? I don't get it, their clothes are cute on the rack but poorly made. In fact, some of their items can be seen in Dots for wayyy less. The Limited used to be pricey (well not pricey but above mid price ready to wear), they lowered their standards IMO over the last five - seven years in an attempt to keep up with trends and younger buyers. I'm glad they stepped up their game.

Anonymous said...

It think it is worthless, because their stuff isn't that grate of quality. The only time I shop from them any more is usually their semi annual sale. And that is if I find anything that I like. I always kind of find it hard to spend that kind of money for something that I still have to take to the tailer to get it to fit right. And the only stuff that looks good from their store is black, because anything white or light colored is see throuogh, and they don't always put linining in their pants and skirts. Just me input.

Erica said...

I've noticed this, too, also at Ann Taylor Loft and other stores lately. I'm not sure where I'll shop now, but you can't increase the price and not the quality. :/

Martini said...

It all depends on the quality of the fabric and of the stitching. A trench coat is a staple. Something you'll have for years. If you can be sure that you'll wear it for at least 5 years. Depending on how often you wear it, for example, I'm in Boston, I would wear mine 4 months out of the year. For each time that I do wear it over the 5 years, it would cost me less than a dollar. Sometime you just have to make the investment for something that will hold up but I agree with the other gals, if the quality isn't reflected in the price it's not worth it.