Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cards, Please!

Do you know anyone who just can't get enough of Spades, Gin, Blackjack or Poker? How about this: have you ever played cards at someone's house (maybe even your own!) to find the deck was missing a card or two? I found these nice card sets that look great from pretty inexpensive to super cheap! Enjoy!

COLBY LEATHER CARD SET - $11.99 Pottery Barn
This card set from Pottery Barn comes with a deck of cards, a notebook and pencil (for keeping score, of course). You can even add a monogram (for an additional charge).

DOUBLE CARD CASE - $14.95 Crate & Barrel
This faux leather card case holds two decks of red and white polka dot cards.

CARD SET - $3.99 West Elm
Though this card set from West Elm isn't as schnazzy as the other two, the price is certainly right! The box is made of canvas and in addition to the beet color shown, it also comes in flax and espresso.

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