Thursday, August 03, 2006

I want to hear from YOU: Where Do You Find The Best Deals?

I am on a worldwide search of the best places to help you become a DIVA ON A DOLLAR!

  • Where do you shop to find the best quality bargains?
  • Which thrift stores have you found the best stuff?
  • What restaurants/lounges have the best happy hours?
  • In your travels, where have you found the best markets and boutiques?

Let us in on your secrets - we won't tell anyone (;-) wink)! Don't forget to tell us what cities we can find these great spots. I will feature some of the best suggestions in future posts!


Marcy said...

Honestly, Target is almost always a sure bet with me. I occasionally will find awesome deals at places like Ross for really cheap, but even then or when I find thrift stores it's hard to find items that are worth the time and energy spent looking and are less than $10. Target has easy-to-peruse shelves chock full of cute things that are all very cheap and stylish. I love it.

As for happy hours... Every time I'm in Austin, TX I try tio stop by Chuy's. I LOVE their strawberry margaritas, and during happy hour (I think 3-6 pm monday thru friday?) they're only $3. Super awesome.

Alina said...

I live in Metro detroit (in the burbs) and I really have a problem finding good thrift stores. The ones I shop mostly at are the Value World chain and Salvation Army. That's maybe once a month and I never find much stuff. (Both of these chain stores recently increased their merchandise prices). But my favorite discount stores in this area are Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann's, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and DSW. If you check them out regularly and sign up for their newsletters or insider clubs, you can find awesome deals. As in great, great designer duds for over 75% off. Sure, half of these stores are full of last year's stuff, but, as I said, if you check regularly, you find good quality, stylish clothes (in a large array of sublime fabrics, rather than just ugly polyester). DSW and Loehmann's have insiders' points and if you spend a certain amount of money in those stores, you get a certain percentage back. You get coupons and insider discounts which, on top of the already appealing prices, are a true bargain.

Sales Rack Raider said...

I live in metro LA, and my top 2 favorite shopping spots are Loehmann's in Beverly Hills and the FIDM Scholarship Store in Downtown LA. I don't care about things being in-season or not, since I usually go for the timeless pieces anyway. Both of them are hit-and-miss, but the hits are huge. Loehmann's can be too pricey for me sometimes, but FIDM has always been trendy and very affordable.

Maya said...

I live in Chicago, and although I'm not an incredibly savvy shopper, I do have a few tips. Right now, H&M is having a great Buy 2 Get One Free sale on already reduced items (items are about 9.90 to 24.90). Payless carries a varied array of cute and cheap shoes, along with Target (of course, I love shopping there for anything). Forever 21 is someplace I have a love/hate relationship with. Often, their clothes are flimsy. But, if you look carefully, some quality pieces can be found for incredibly cheap. Their sale basement is heaven, with cute tops for as little as 4.99. Old Navy's sale section is also a great place to go. Burlington Coat Factory, despite the name, has some very cheap cute clothes if you look past the older-lady styles that dominate most of the store. JCPenney is also a good place for cheap clothes in pretty much every variety.

One sort of odd trick I have concerns the trend towards scarves. One thing I did was to go visit a fabric store (Vogue is my recommendation) and just pick up foot-wide pieces of cloth. Sew it in half (make sure to pick a thick enough fabric) and attach fringe, and you've got a cute accessory. The prices are ridiculously cheap, it's not hard to sew it, and the choiced of fabric are pretty much endless.

pulga diva said...

- Best quality bargains are at the Marshalls on Garland.
- The Thrift World on Easton has the best deals on clothing and shoes in town. Lulu's Antique Mall has the best deals on jewelry.
- Steele has the best happy hour - FREE SUSHI and $5 martinis on Wednesday nights!
- Best market is in D.C - Capitol Hill Eastern Market

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GABi said...


Keli said...

I love the Happy Hour at McCormick and Schmicks. They have menu items for $1.95 with a minimum beverage purchase. I don't drink, so I can buy a coke and get $1.95 burger and fries, or $2.95 calamari. If you do like to drink the alcoholic beverages are a little steep, but if you limit yourself to one, it can be a great dinner deal.