Monday, October 24, 2005

Diva on a Dollar - Testimonies

Here are some testimonies from some fellow divas who followed my advice on where to shop!

I followed the advice of the Diva on a Dollar and went to Nordstrom Rack in a search for affordable career outfits. To my surprise, I was able to purchase a fully lined Anne Klein, petite pinstripe suit for only $99!!! It was originally a $380 suit!! Thanks Diva on a Dollar!

I absolutely love shopping at Encore. Here are some of the awesome finds that I scored there: Nanette Lepore waffle skirt for $35, Seven Jeans skirt for $29, brand new Shoshanna eyelet dress for $35, Theory shirt dress for $29, and David Yurman earrings for $150! I must admit that you do have to buy on impulse there...glad that's what I did w/ the Yurman earrings since they matched my Yurman ring perfectly! Not so glad that I passed up a Louis Vuitton carry-on bag which was out of my price range, however -- When I returned two weeks after first peeping it out, I was prepared to splurge on the $450 bag. Sadly, I was informed that it had already been snatched up by some Taiwanese lady with expensive taste like me. The owner, Greda, is super -- We always chat about Irish men when I shop there! Recently, I've submitted several pieces from my closet to Encore and am patiently waiting for them to be sold in order to receive a small check in the mail which beats a mere tax-write off any day.

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